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Q. I have some problems, but how can talking to someone else help? I should be able to fix my own problems.

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A. First of all, counseling isn't about "fixing" you. You're not broken. Life is challenging and sometimes things get complicated. Think of yourself inside a picture. When you're in the picture you can't see the picture. You have to rely on someone outside of it to tell you what it looks like. The same is true with counseling. A counselor is trained to help you see the situation more clearly and to help you discover your own inner wisdom and strength. The therapist will help you gain confidence and trust in yourself so that you can make better decisions and handle problems as they arise.

Q What will happen when I come to see you for counseling?

A. The first session is basically an information gathering session. You'll be asked to fill out some paperwork and the therapist will explain your rights as a client. Next, your therapist will ask about the reason(s) you've come to counseling, some background information, and what you'd like to gain from your therapy. You'll leave the session with a better understanding of your situation and some direction.

In the second session you'll get deeper into the therapy. You and your therapist will develop a therapeutic relationship-one that's safe, accepting, and confidential. Your counselor will listen, view the issue from your perspective, give you feedback, help you develop your awareness of yourself and the problem and ways to grow beyond it.

Q. How long do I have to go to therapy?

A. This depends largely on the problem(s) that brings you to therapy and on your goals. Some symptom relief can usually be achieved in a matter of 6-8 weeks to 6 months. If you're looking to make real change in your life it may take longer. Often people get into therapy and decide to continue because they like the progress they're making and the personal growth. In any case, the length of your therapy requires your consent and your therapist will discuss it with you periodically.

Q. How often do I need to go to therapy?

A. It's optimal to attend weekly sessions for the first 6-8 weeks if possible. This is a way for you to begin the therapeutic process and experience changes more quickly. At times, clients are seen more than once a week and/or for longer period of time by special arrangement. Some clients attend therapy every-other-week. The frequency is determined by the presenting problem, your desire to move forward, your resources, and your discussions and agreement with your therapist.

Q. What about confidentiality?

A. Counselors are bound by confidentiality including the fact that you're in therapy unless you give written permission to disclose that information. There are a few legal exceptions:

  • Some information about your case may be shared with the counselor's clinical supervisor. Your identity will be kept anonymous.
  • Counselors are bound by law to report it if you're a danger to yourself or someone else.
  • Counselors are bound by law to report any knowledge of child abuse or abuse to the elderly or disabled.
  • If you're involved in a legal proceeding, a judge may order the counselor to disclose information related to your treatment.

Q.  What types of payment are accepted?

A. Ahl Counseling Services, LLC accepts cash, checks, money orders, and Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Q. What should I do to set up an appointment?

A. You can contact us by email, info@AhlCounseling.com, or call us at 614-529-8100 for an initial phone consultation, to ask questions and to schedule an appointment.

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